ATTENTION: TarpVice is looking for research partners.

With the recent acquisition of a U.S. Patent and a Canadian Patent Pending, TarpVice is extending its primary focus after 4 successful years of field use in the Golf Course industry. We are now looking for research partners in the following fields;
Agriculture tarp installation.
Scaffolding weather tarps installation.
Roof disaster/emergency tarp installation.
Vineyard protection from Frost and Bird netting.

TarpVice will be providing free product and installation guidance in exchange for research, photos, and testimonials. If interested contact [email protected]

Versatile enough for all of your needs at work, home or play!!

Title ImageTarpVice is a universal textile restraint clip designed for Industry and trade but available to Home Owners across the USA. This snap together clip requires no tools and instantly creates an attachment location of superior strength that helps your tarps and textiles resist tearing by providing a large grip surface.
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Large installations are not a problem for TarpVice.
2 Canadian winters on the BraeBen Golf course greens has proven that TarpVice will hold your project in place no matter what the conditions. Check out #TarpVice for more installation ideas.

TarpVice clips are precision made to maximize grip.  If the TarpVice clips are tight when you receive them, soak in HOT tap-water for 30 seconds and they will separate.

You can also purchase TarpVice on-line.  For larger purchases, custom lengths, or privately owned nurseries and garden centers, just drop us a line in the “Contact TarpVice” link at the top of the page.

Please note that all prices are in US Dollars.  Prices may be subject to additional duty fees and taxes at the boarder crossing.


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