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  1. I recently purchased four of the TarpVice clamps. I believe to connect a rope to the clamp the rope should be run through the larger hole in the center of the clamp two pieces and also through the tarp fabric. Is this correct? Also, what are the two smaller holes for? Is it recommended to use nuts and bolts to firmly hold the clamp in place using these holes? Thanks, appears to be a good product.

    1. Thank you for your comment,

      TarpVice is a versatile clip that can be used in many ways. What you describe is correct, you can run a rope through the middle hole and the fabric. It is also sized for a bungee cord, a camping spike or a landscape spike.

      Depending on the load, the 2 smaller holes are designed to screw the clip in place (using a common #8 deck screw) or they can serve as a nut and bolt location (use washers for extra strength) or they can also be riveted together with washers, it’s up to you. The determining factor would be what it is holding in place and how much load are you expecting?

      If you provide more detail I can probably provide you with the best suggestion unless I have given you the answer here.



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